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Service Specification and Plans

1. Service description

The Ambassador Platform is an experience communication management solution that helps institutions to communicate what the experience of being a member of their institution is like through conversations and content. In this way, The Ambassador Platform acts as a communication channel for representatives’ or ambassadors’ of institutions to talk to potential applicants for the purpose of helping those applicants make a more informed decision.

2. Set up Services

2.1 Creating an Account of The Ambassador Platform

2.2 Creating Admin User Accounts.

2.3 Inputting University Privacy Policy Link.

2.4 Inviting Ambassadors to download our mobile app and create an Account.

2.5 Customising the service by uploading a logo and brand colours.

2.6 Creating and embedding the University's TAP Feed.

2.7 Creating and embedding Promotions that link to the TAP Feed

2.8 Setting Safeguarding Preferences.

2.9 Implementing RSS or API integrations.

3. Specification of Services

3.1 Mobile App for Ambassador users

3.1.1 Profile creation process.

3.1.2 Feed page where all activity is displayed.

3.1.3 Leaderboard.

3.1.4 Settings.

3.1.5 Reports.

3.1.6 Messaging Function.

3.1.7 Career Reference.

3.1.8 Learning Resources.

3.2 Dashboard for Admin users

3.2.1 Only the Admin User(s) have access.

3.2.2 An unlimited number of admin users may access the account.

3.2.3 Core features: Chat, Content, FAQ and Insights.

3.2.4 Platform features: Ambassador list, Reports and Promotions.

3.2.5 Add on features: Live Streams, Group TAP Feed, Custom Domain Setup.

3.3 TAP Feed for Prospective Student users

3.3.1 Searchable feed of Ambassador Profiles, Group Chats, Content Posts and FAQs.

3.3.2 Chat functionality with Ambassadors.

3.3.3 Account settings to control account data and preferences.

4. Customer systems

4.1 The Dashboard can be accessed via a compatible web browser on a computer or on mobile.

4.2 The Mobile App can be accessed via App Store and Play Store download on mobile.