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Customer Services Support

The Ambassador Platform Offers three levels of support which will be stated in your Order Form.



Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • A Setup Call
  • Advice for recruiting ambassadors
  • Ambassador Simulation Training Workshop
  • A Go-Live Call
  • Access to the Service Helpdesk via chat support.
  • Access to Training online training materials.
  • Access to customer events and content.

All of Support, plus:

  • A dedicated Account Manager whom you can directly work with.
  • Active campaign advice and support.
  • Preferential response times on the Helpdesk.


The following clauses setup the terms of this support:

1. The Service Provider shall provide chat support via intercom and outbound email services to Ambassadors and Admin Users in accordance with the SLA.

2. For TAP Support Customers, if the assigned Customer Success Manager is unavailable for any reason, an alternative point of contact will be provided who will have adequate training and knowledge to appropriately support the Customer.

3. When seeking support, the Customer shall use its best endeavours to provide detailed, accurate, complete and up to date information to aid the Service Provider in diagnosing any faults in either the Service or the SaaS Infrastructure.

4. Whenever reasonably possible, the Service Provider shall provide a workaround solution to the Customer to enable the Customer’s continued use of the Service.

5. Except as expressly specified in writing the Service Provider will not provide direct support or maintenance or upgrades or any warranty for third party products, excluding CRM integrations via Zapier.

6. The Service Provider shall have no obligation to provide support services in respect of any fault arising from:

6.1 the improper use by the Customer or any Users of the Services including any use not in accordance with this Agreement, or the relevant end user terms, or the Service Provider’s reasonable instructions;

6.2 the use of the Services on equipment other than as previously approved in writing by the Service Provider or that fails to meet any criteria published by the Service Provider;

6.3 repair, adjustment, alteration or modification of the Services or its merger with other software by a third party resulting in a departure from the Service Provider’s instructions save with the prior written authority of the Service Provider; and/or

6.4 the use of the Services for a purpose for which it was not designed.